5 Reasons You Should Apply to That Job You Think You’re Underqualified For

 It stands to reason that you should apply to jobs that you’re qualified for. And that’s true. But it’s important that you don’t shut yourself off from every job opening that you think you may be underqualified for, either. The truth is that it can be a great idea to go ahead and apply to […]

3 Reasons a Recruiter Will Ensure You Like Your Job

man smiling working in a call center

It’s a scary thought for a potential job candidate: You go through the entire process of finding a job that suits your skillset and desires, interview for it, and accept it… Only to discover that you don’t really like it. One way to avoid this is by partnering with a recruiter to find your next […]

Does Applying to a Job Late at Night Hurt My Chances?

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Applying to jobs is as simple as filling out the necessary fields, attaching your polished cover letter and resume, and hitting the send button… right? It turns out that you might be hurting your chances in a way you never thought of: when you’re applying. That’s right — timing your application right can actually help […]

Is It Possible to Be Too Eager for a Job Opportunity?

You just applied to a job and you’re excited! You waited two weeks to follow up on your application, but now what? You want to email them again! But should you? Let’s find out if being too eager could be a bad thing. Respecting a Hiring Manager’s Schedule Following up after submitting an application is […]