Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch | Axiom Staffing

You’ve probably heard of an “elevator pitch.” If you didn’t think that, as a prospective candidate, you needed one for yourself, you should reconsider. In fact, an elevator pitch is important for you to develop because you are selling yourself on your resume, at a networking event, or in an interview. What is an Elevator […]

Four Interviewing Tips That Will Help You Stay Calm, Relaxed, and Productive

Four Interviewing Tips That Will Help You Stay Calm, Relaxed, and Productive | Axiom Staffing

Let’s face it: Job interviews can be stressful. Many of us aren’t good at talking about ourselves and our accomplishments, and it’s nerve-wracking to meet someone new and try to impress them right away. But doing your best to remain calm and relaxed is important – that will help you make a good impression and […]

What Employers REALLY Want to Know During Interviews

Everyone knows that a prospective employer wants to know about your work history, experience, and skillset during a job interview. And those things are, without question, a big part of the conversation. But they’re not the only part. There are bigger considerations behind those questions—things that an employer REALLY wants to know about the candidate […]

Have You Done Your Pre-Interview Research?

When preparing for an interview, don’t just consider about what you’re going to say – think about what you know. Be sure you’re knowledgeable about the company you’re interviewing with. Doing so should put you in the best possible position during an interview. Here are some tips for finding information and streamlining the process. Use […]