3 Ways to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Workforce

tablet showing a calendar

If your company is like most in the modern working world, you employ people of different ages at your facility. Many changes have been made in recent years of the way different generations interact in the workplace, and it’s easy to get bogged down with unfair stereotypes and assumptions. But the reality of the situation […]

Up-to-Date Safety Training Increases Employee Retention

Workplace safety is extremely important, and employers are responsible to reduce safety threats for their staff. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, “There were approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses reported by private industry employers in 2015.” Roughly three full-time employees out of every 100 will deal with an injury or illness during […]

Want to Get a Job? One Simple Thing You Control

Let’s be honest. The process of searching for a job can be time consuming. If you’ve been at it for a while and still haven’t found a position, it’s easy to become a little disheartened. The good news is that there’s one simple thing within your control, and it can increase your chances of landing […]

Should Temp Work Be on Your Resume?

A common question from job candidates is whether they should list temporary work on their resume. Since it’s not a formal, permanent position, there may be reservations about sharing the temporary job information with potential employers. But the answer to this question is an emphatic YES! Including temp work on your resume has some distinct […]

How Can Introverts Feel Comfortable While Networking?

The thought of networking in a crowded, chaotic environment and interacting with an endless stream of strangers can seem daunting. But nonetheless, effective networking is essential to making valuable contacts and progressing one’s career. So how can introverts feel comfortable while networking and walk away having a pleasant experience? Here are some tips. Practice in […]

Make Them Want to Read Your Cover Letter

While the cover letter may seem secondary to the resume, it arguably plays a bigger role in getting your foot in the door. After all, a hiring manager will often view your cover letter before deciding whether or not to check out your resume. This means you want your cover letter to stand out and […]