How Many Questions Should You Ask in the Interview?

During an interview, it’s customary for a hiring manager to ask a candidate several questions to assess their skills and gauge their personality. However, it’s also important that a candidate ask questions as well because it shows that they’re prepared, actively participating and have a genuine interest in a position. While there are numerous questions […]

When Do You Send a Thank-You Note After an Interview?

There’s a lot of etiquette involved with the job search process – and candidates always want to follow best practices. One area where there are often questions is a thank-you note, including when it should be sent, to whom it should be sent to and whether it’s best to send an email or a card […]

How to Be a Leader at Work When You’re Not a Manager

Just because you’re not in a management position doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective leader at work. In fact, leadership in organizations doesn’t just come from the people on top – and every employee can be a leader in their own special way. Here are some tips for demonstrating solid leadership skills when you’re […]