The Process Involved With Working for a Staffing Agency

Every year, staffing agencies help individuals find employment all over the country. According to Statista, temporary and contract staffing employment amounted to 14.6 million workers in 2014, which was a significant increase from 11 million in 2013. Regardless of the industry and position, staffing agencies all have the same goal – find the right job […]

4 Ways Successful People Stay Calm

It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed in the modern workplace and in life. Whether you attribute it to longer work weeks (Americans employed full-time work an average of 47 hours per week), the fact that we’re connected through digital devices, or any other factor, our collective stress levels are on the rise. 24 percent […]

Become a Leader With These New Behaviors

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether leadership is an innate ability or something that’s learned over time. Is it nature or nurture? While it’s true that some individuals are gifted with extraordinary leadership abilities from birth and undeniable charisma, much of it can be learned. It all boils down to making a concerted effort […]