Job Interview Tips That Will Help You Stand Out

Job Interview Tips That Will Help You Stand Out | Axiom Staffing

Do you have a job interview lined up soon? Congratulations. Now, it’s time to get ready to ace that interview to give yourself the best possible chance of landing the job. How do you do that?  Here are six job interview tips to help you stand out among the crowd:   Be prepared. Research the […]

What You Should Really Say During “Tell Me About Yourself”

professionals shaking hands in a meeting

“So, tell me a little bit about yourself.” In most interviews, this or some variation of it is the very first question you’ll be asked. And how you answer is quite literally the first impression you’ll be giving the interviewer, and the company as a whole. It’s important to make it a good one. Here […]

8 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

professionals shaking hands in a job interview

Job interviews are extremely nerve-racking, and at times, we can say the wrong thing. Here are eight things to prepare to never say in your next job interview.   1. “I’ve never worked in this type of position before.” You may not have a ton of experience. But you certainly don’t want to bring attention […]