Why Having a Strong LinkedIn Profile is Essential in the Job Search Process

LinkedIn hosts more than 600 million professional profiles and is the number-one professional networking site in the world. It’s essential in the job search process – if you don’t have a strong LinkedIn profile and are embarking on your job hunt, it’s time to change that.  Here’s why LinkedIn is so important for job seekers:  […]

Can Applying to Multiple Jobs at the Same Company Hurt or Help My Chances?

You’re on the career page of a company you admire and would like to work for, and you realize that you could qualify for more than one open position. Your first instinct is to apply to everything that fits what you’re looking for. But is that the right play?  Many job seekers qualify for more […]

5 Reasons You Should Apply to That Job You Think You’re Underqualified For

 It stands to reason that you should apply to jobs that you’re qualified for. And that’s true. But it’s important that you don’t shut yourself off from every job opening that you think you may be underqualified for, either. The truth is that it can be a great idea to go ahead and apply to […]

Do I Actually Get My Sign-On Bonus When I Start?

Have you been offered a sign-on bonus for your new job? Sign-on bonuses or signing bonuses are great incentives for many employees. But you may be unclear about a few things, including what exactly a sign-on bonus is and when it gets paid. Read on as we answer your frequently asked questions regarding sign-on bonuses, […]

What Type of Job is the Best Fit for My Personality Type?

When it comes to your job and career, it’s important to do something that you love. Otherwise, you’ll be unhappy day in and day out. But how do you know what kind of job is the best fit for you, your personality, and your long-term goals? The Myers-Briggs personality test divides people into 16 personality […]