How To Really Show Your Team They’re Valued

How To Really Show Your Team They're Valued | Axiom Staffing

When employees feel valued and appreciated at work, they often feel happier and are more motivated – even during stressful times – and are less likely to look for other places of employment. Thankfully there are many ways to show employees that you value their efforts in the office. From small gestures to company-wide incentive […]

How Can a Manager Become a Better Leader?

How Can a Manager Become a Better Leader? | Axiom Staffing

At first thought, maybe the terms “manager” and “leader” seem the same, but in reality, they are quite different. In the workforce, it’s much better to be a leader for your team, guiding them to success, rather than a manager who just gives orders or supervises without a greater purpose. For the purpose of this […]

Management Lessons All Managers Can Benefit From

Management Lessons All Managers Can Learn From Steve Jobs | Axiom Staffing

The manager who believes they know everything there is to know has already lost their way. The best managers realize that they can never stop learning and growing. And even managers who have been in the game for many years can benefit from a few refreshers on how to be the most effective leader possible. […]

Team Productivity Tips to Start Your Year Off Right

coworkers brainstorming in a meeting

2021 is nearly here, and it can’t come soon enough. With so much uncertainty swirling around these days, it’s worth putting in a little extra effort to make sure your team stays productive after the holidays. That way, you’ll be making sure you start the New Year off the right way. Here are three tips […]

How to Reduce Employee Turnover in 2020

coworkers smiling and talking

Employee turnover is one of the hot button items of 2020. Not only can it put a damper on morale, but turnover can also be very costly.  In fact, “some studies (such as SHRM) predict that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 month’s salary on average.” Here are […]