Management Lessons All Managers Can Benefit From

Management Lessons All Managers Can Learn From Steve Jobs | Axiom Staffing

The manager who believes they know everything there is to know has already lost their way. The best managers realize that they can never stop learning and growing. And even managers who have been in the game for many years can benefit from a few refreshers on how to be the most effective leader possible. […]

How to Avoid the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” Effect

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do.” It’s a psychological construct that is simple to understand: someone sees another person doing something, and they do it, too. In the business world, we can fall prey to this thinking as well. And although it can be valuable to see what other companies and organizations […]

4 Soft Skills Every Manager Needs to Succeed

Managers require a unique set of skills to be successful. They need technical (or hard) skills like industry knowledge and knowledge of organizational processes. But, they also need some specific soft skills that aren’t always so obvious. Here are four of the most important soft skills to look for when hiring for a management position. […]