Contribute to Forklift Safety, Even If You’re Not the One Driving

warehouse inventory on wood pallets

Forklift safety is essential to a warehouse workplace. But, forklift safety isn’t just in the hands of the driver — everyone in the warehouse needs to be aware of safety responsibilities. Here are some essential forklift safety tips, even if you’re not the one driving. Set a Speed Limit According to the Material Handling Equipment […]

How Many Rounds of Interviews Are Too Many?

selecting the perfect employee

It can be beneficial to have multiple interviews to fill a position. This allows the employer to gain more valuable information about the candidate and make a well-informed decision. But how many rounds of interviews are truly necessary? In this post, we’ll find out. A General Rule There is no definitive number as to how […]

How to Prevent Yourself From Slipping, Tripping and Falling at Work

Safety is always a top priority in any warehouse. One of the biggest threats employees face is slips, trips and falls. In fact, “26 percent of the 892,270 nonfatal work injuries resulting in days away from work were related to slips, trips and falls.” Here are a few ways you can prevent yourself from being […]