Why Being Rejected From a Job Could Be Great For Your Career

sign that reads "every failure is a step to success"

Not being selected for a job after the long job search and interview process can be difficult, but that just means you’re one step closer to success. This can work to your benefit and how to continue your job search. Getting “No’s” is an Inevitable Part of the Process On average, a job seeker will […]

Virtual Reality is the Future of Forklift Training

Forklifts are an integral part of a warehouse and make it more efficient and productive. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous, with 34,900 serious injuries involving forklift accidents occurring each year. When hiring forklift operators, ensuring they’re trained and certified is a must. Now, virtual reality is putting a new twist on making sure your […]

Beat the Heat with These 5 Safety Tips

Summer months mean hot weather, which can create safety concerns for many workers. Issues can range from relatively minor heat cramps to more serious and even life-threatening conditions like heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Here are five tips to help you beat the heat and stay safe on the job. 1. Wear Protective Clothing and Sunglasses […]