How to Put the Job Candidate at Ease in the Interview

Interviews are intrinsically nerve-racking for most job candidates. In fact, a study for Everest College conducted by Harris Interactive found “92 percent of job seekers fear something about the interview process.” The fear of the unknown combined with being placed under the microscope can leave even the most confident individuals a little shaken. But as […]

6 More Ways to a More Balanced Life

Achieving work-life balance is arguably one of the most important parts of life. Without it, you can quickly find things in disarray, and it can take a toll on you both mentally and physically. Here are six practical ways to live a more balanced life. Do Some Volunteering Devoting your time to helping others and […]

Have a Plan for Success at Your Next Job Fair

If you’re looking to expedite the job search process, one great option is to attend a job fair, which is the equivalent of speed dating for employers and job seekers. Although these events can be somewhat intimidating, creating a plan before a job fair increases your chances of being successful. Here are some tips for […]

Investing in Your Current Employees Helps Retention

Employee retention is a serious matter, especially with so many businesses being in a competitive market these days. In fact, “nearly four out of five (78 percent) of business leaders rank employee retention as important or urgent.” With the high cost of employee turnover, it’s considerably cheaper to retain your current employees rather than find […]

When Do You Send a Thank-You Note After an Interview?

There’s a lot of etiquette involved with the job search process – and candidates always want to follow best practices. One area where there are often questions is a thank-you note, including when it should be sent, to whom it should be sent to and whether it’s best to send an email or a card […]