First, Second, Third… What Shift Works Best For You?

photo of a tree, split down the middle to show day and night

There are pros and cons to every shift in the workday. For some employees, working earlier hours during first shift is ideal. For others, it’s more practical to work during the night with third shift. Here’s how to find out which option is best for you based on your interests and needs. First Shift This […]

Basic Tech Knowledge You Need for Any Job in 2019!

person working on their laptop and using phone

Technology has transformed the modern workplace and makes employees more efficient and productive. Having a basic idea of certain tech knowledge tends to make you a more desirable candidate and can increase your chances of landing a job. Here are some specific types of technology you’ll need to be familiar with in 2019. Microsoft Microsoft […]

6 Safety Precautions Warehouse Workers Can Take Into Their Own Hands

Working in a warehouse means you’re exposed to certain dangers on a daily basis. Whether it’s dealing with pallet racks, driving a forklift or loading/unloading materials, you need to be aware of your surroundings and remain diligent about safety. While your employer likely makes significant efforts, there are several ways you can take safety into […]