Virtual Reality is the Future of Forklift Training

Forklifts are an integral part of a warehouse and make it more efficient and productive. Unfortunately, they can also be dangerous, with 34,900 serious injuries involving forklift accidents occurring each year. When hiring forklift operators, ensuring they’re trained and certified is a must. Now, virtual reality is putting a new twist on making sure your […]

Should I Accept a LinkedIn Request From Someone I Don’t Know?

People you don’t know are constantly requesting to connect on LinkedIn. Are these requests you should accept? Are they spam? Could they help boost your career? Let’s find out. What LinkedIn Has to Say About It What’s interesting is their response is somewhat contradictory. “On the one hand, LinkedIn says you should only accept invitations […]

Will an Error on Your Resume Cost You the Job? Maybe.

Job applicants often look for positions in highly competitive industries. In many cases, a single job ad will have dozens or even hundreds of applicants. Recruiters examine the smallest of details to determine who’s the best fit. One mistake that greatly hurts your chances and can potentially cost you the job is making mistakes on […]