Technique to Stay Calm During the Job Search

Sometimes a job search is quick and painless. Other times it can drag on for weeks, months in the worst cases, years. As a result, it’s common to feel stressed, anxious and frustrated when things don’t go your way. But here are some a techniques that should help you stay calm until you ultimately find […]

Soft Skills the Best Customer Service Reps Develop

Working as a customer service representative requires a robust skill set. And as you’re about to find out, it goes beyond simply having hard skills such as understanding a computer program or typing. It’s often the soft skills listed below that are most integral to your success. Effective Listening Communication is extremely important in this […]

How Does the Two-Minute Rule Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is a growing issue that plagues many people. Research has found this bad habit has more than quadrupled in the last 30 years, and 26 percent of the population can be defined as chronic procrastinators. In the long run, it can negatively affect your career, personal life and even your health. Fortunately, there’s a […]

4 Resume Tips Your Job Search Will Love

You have a very small window to impress a recruiter with your resume. In fact, the average recruiter spends only five to seven seconds reviewing each one.  Time is of the essence. Let’s discuss four important resume tips that will aid in your job search and increase your odds of landing an interview. 1. Choose […]

Is Your Next Call Center Job in Social Media Messaging?

Technology is transforming many aspects of modern business. One trend in particular that’s gaining momentum is using social media messaging for customer service. Let’s now take a closer look at this trend and see what it means for call center jobs. A Social Media Explosion According to Statista, there were 2.46 billion global social media […]

What You Can and Can’t Control in Your Job Search

A job search can be frustrating at times even for the brightest and most qualified candidates. Sometimes you may feel as if the effort you’re putting forth is simply in vain, and you just can’t seem to catch a break. In turn, it’s easy to become disheartened. Having the right mental approach is critical for […]