Soft Skills the Best Customer Service Reps Develop

Working as a customer service representative requires a robust skill set. And as you’re about to find out, it goes beyond simply having hard skills such as understanding a computer program or typing. It’s often the soft skills listed below that are most integral to your success. Effective Listening Communication is extremely important in this […]

Is Your Social Media Profile Ready for Your Job Application?

Not only do most employers screen candidates through social media (70 percent did this in 2017), many use it as a direct recruiting tool. Facebook Jobs has become a popular way to find talented employees. While this isn’t used exclusively for hiring/interviewing, it’s definitely something employers will consider. When you’re applying through Facebook Jobs, it’s […]

Our Five Best Job Tips from 2017

A lot goes into a successful job search. It requires proper planning, strategizing and in many cases, a bit of patience. During the course of 2017, we’ve given job seekers plenty of advice for streamlining their efforts and increasing their odds of success. Here are five of our best job tips. 1. Always Be on […]

Is the Boomerang Employee Right for Your Opening?

Here’s the scenario. A former employee is asking to be rehired and wants to fill a vacant job opening. While rehiring “boomerang employees” was generally frowned upon in the past, it has become more acceptable in recent years (especially in a job market featuring minimal qualified applicants.) In fact, a national HR study found that […]