Improve Your Daily Commute with These 5 Tips

person driving to work

Most of us must commute to work, day in and day out. It’s one of the more tedious parts of the working life, but it’s just something that comes with the territory. Why not make the most of your daily commute? Whether it takes you fifty minutes to get to work or just five, here […]

3 Ways to Fill a Job Nobody Wants…

putting in the last piece of a puzzle - new employee concept

As much as we don’t want to admit it, sometimes there are just those jobs that nobody wants. But these positions still have to be filled nonetheless. Here are three ways to make these jobs more desirable and find a qualified candidate. 1. Be Transparent About the Position Some employers get themselves in trouble by […]

Why Am I Not Hearing Back From Hiring Managers?

Woman waiting to be called in for a job interview

Hello! I applied for a job! It can sometimes feel discouraging not to hear back from hiring managers, but what’s the deal? Why didn’t you hear back? Here are some common reasons so you can fine-tune your job search. You’re Under Qualified In many cases, you may simply lack the knowledge, and background recruiters want. […]

Help! I Don’t Want a Job in What I Studied at School.

Looking for a job after college graduation can be intimidating. But it can feel even more difficult when you want a job in an industry outside of the field you majored in. Here’s advice on what to do in this situation.    Make Sure You’re Qualified  The good news is there are plenty of jobs out there, many of which […]

5 Ways to Improve Safety in Your Warehouse

forklifts in a warehouse

Following safety techniques is important in all workplaces, but it’s especially critical in a warehouse. This environment presents numerous safety threats. There are 5.5 workplace injuries recorded for every 100 full-time workers in the warehouse industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are five specific ways to improve safety in your warehouse. 1. […]

What to Do When You Aren’t Completely Sold on the Job Offer

Here’s the scenario. You’ve received an official job offer from a company. However, it’s not ideal and you think you could find a better offer in time—perhaps even your dream job. You want to explore your options and find the right position to further your career but don’t want to offend a recruiter and squander […]