How to Always Be on Time When You Don’t Have a Ride to Work

Showing up on time to work is critical. A reliable employee might seem like an expected trait by managers, but being at work on time every day can make you dependable to your company. But what if you don’t have your own personal transportation? While this no doubt creates difficulty, you have a few different […]

5 Job Interview Questions About Teamwork

Unlike many hard skills where you can simply look at a candidate’s qualifications and experience, their teamwork skills are a bit harder to gauge. Before you make a final decision, you’ll want to get a sense of how well the candidate will work in a team setting. Here are five interview questions that will give […]

4 Ways to Mind Your Manners During Your Job Search

Hard skills such as experience and qualifications will heavily impact your odds of landing a job. However, you could make the point that the little things play an equally important role. Having the right etiquette and manners can impress your recruiter and sell yourself as being the right candidate. Here are four pieces of advice […]

Should Temp Work Be on Your Resume?

A common question from job candidates is whether they should list temporary work on their resume. Since it’s not a formal, permanent position, there may be reservations about sharing the temporary job information with potential employers. But the answer to this question is an emphatic YES! Including temp work on your resume has some distinct […]

Is Temp-to-Hire the Right Fit for Your Career?

When looking for a job, you might not consider a hybrid opportunity that offers flexibility for yourself and the company. A temp-to-hire position has potential to transition into a full-time position after a predetermined amount of time if you meet expectations and are a good long-term fit. Here’s why this route can be a smart […]

How Many Questions Should You Ask in the Interview?

During an interview, it’s customary for a hiring manager to ask a candidate several questions to assess their skills and gauge their personality. However, it’s also important that a candidate ask questions as well because it shows that they’re prepared, actively participating and have a genuine interest in a position. While there are numerous questions […]