Employee Testimonials

Hear from some of the talented people we have helped find work.

Thank you for your excellent professional service you always provide at Axiom Staffing Group. The quality and the value of your service is very much appreciated!! Thank you.


The staff at Axiom is amazing. They are quick to reply if you miss them and they truly care about their employees. I’ve been with them for a year and glad I am.


I highly recommend Axiom Staffing Martinsburg. They offered me the best client for my current situation. The process was smooth and professional.


Working with Axiom Staffing Group was a pleasure.

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Thanks to the whole staff at Axiom Staffing Group!

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The whole team was very professional and explained the process clearly. This was my first experience with a staffing company, so I very much appreciated that fact.

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The staff was very professional and super-friendly. The overall process was smooth from the first contact to the actual job placement. The entire staff was very thorough and persistent in the follow-up process. Where other staffing agencies drop the ball, the Axiom staff exceed.

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Everyone in the office has been wonderful- from the first interview, to meeting me on my first day of the assignment, to following up on timesheets when I forgot to send them in. Always kind and thoughtful, and you found me the right job with the right company!

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I have had a very good experience during my time here with the Axiom agency. I originally only intended to use the agency as an interim job until I found a permanent one. During that time they have given me the opportunity to grow as an employee by leading me into a supervisory position at various clients. The management team at Axiom has always been extremely helpful and friendly. If an assignment ended , they were quick to line up another one. I would highly recommend this agency as a way to quickly be placed into employment at one of their client assignments.

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