Mental Health Reminders to Use Your Paid Time Off

Filling out a time off request

How often do you let your paid time off hours go to waste? If you do, you’re not alone. Millions of American workers fail to use their vacation days every year. But neglecting to use your PTO can have consequences. Here are just three of the most important reasons to use your paid time off […]

How to Find a Job That Pays Better

counting money in front of a laptop

Do you want to find a job that pays better than your current role? Anyone can relate to this. You’re always trying to move onwards and upwards, including in the financial department.  So, how can you go about finding a job that pays you what you really want and deserve? Establish yourself as an expert. […]

5 Transferable Skills You Have Now That You’ve Worked From Home

smiling woman talking on the phone while using a laptop

Have you been working from home thanks to the pandemic? One of the nice things about working remotely is that it actually gives you some new skills, or at least lets you brush up on some that were already there but were seldom used. And whether you’re going back to work on-site very soon or […]

First, Second, Third… What Shift Works Best For You?

photo of a tree, split down the middle to show day and night

There are pros and cons to every shift in the workday. For some employees, working earlier hours during first shift is ideal. For others, it’s more practical to work during the night with third shift. Here’s how to find out which option is best for you based on your interests and needs. First Shift This […]