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How to Find a Job That Pays Better

Do you want to find a job that pays better than your current role? Anyone can relate to this. You’re always trying to move onwards and upwards, including in the financial department.  So, how can you go about finding a job that pays you what you really want and deserve?

Establish yourself as an expert.

Employers like individuals who are seen as experts in their field and can demonstrate their expertise. Try taking steps to brand yourself as an expert: create an information YouTube channel; reach out to radio shows who will have you on as a guest; find opportunities to speak at conferences; create a blog or e-book; get published in an industry magazine. These are great resume boosters and are great things to impress any hiring manager on your application and during your interview.

Develop and demonstrate your leadership skills.

No matter what field you’re in or looking to enter, one trait that will always be valuable is leadership. Develop your leadership skills by mentoring less-senior employees; volunteer outside of work; join the safety board at your office; ask your boss for extra responsibilities you can take on. These kinds of steps show that you’re committed to bettering yourself and leading others as you do it.

Expand your skillset.

The more skills you have and the more those skills are cross-applicable to a variety of niches and industries, the more valuable you are. And that gives you the ability to command a higher salary. There are many ways to expand your skill set — sign up for classes, seek out a mentor, ask to be cross-trained on the job, or ask to shadow a supervisor, for example. The more you learn, the more you can grow, and that includes in the salary department.

Apply for positions you don’t think you can get.

Sometimes, we stop ourselves from applying to certain positions because the requirements are above our current skill set or knowledge base. If you want to find a job that pays better, though, you’ll want to start treating those requirements more as guidelines. If you read a job description and think you can do it, don’t worry about the exact stipulations — apply anyway. You just never know when you’ll hear something back, and it could be your ticket to what you really want.

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