Onsite Management Increases Worker Productivity

Regardless of the size and scope of a project, having managers on-site is generally considered to be best practices. This allows them to closely monitor the behavior of staff members, track their progress and ultimately increase overall worker productivity. Let’s now discuss some particular ways that onsite management improves your company’s bottom line. Easier Tracking/Billing […]

The Best Behavioral Interview Questions to Determine a Team-First Attitude

Working successfully within a team is an important trait in an employee. If you hire someone who’s reluctant to be part of a team, it’s going to be an uphill battle from the start. The best way to assess if someone has a “team-first attitude” is to ask a few key behavioral interview questions. Here […]

How to Reach Your Peak Performance Mentally

Achieving peak mental performance creates a host of benefits for your professional career. It can make you more creative, more productive and increase your overall level of efficiency. All of which improve your own personal equity and can make you a “highly valued employee. Here are some strategies to help you reach your peak performance […]

Can You Sell Yourself in 30 Seconds?

The elevator pitch. You have 30 seconds to effectively “sell yourself” and share all of your strengths and skills in a mini-speech to impress potential employers. Many people dread the elevator pitch simply because they’re unsure of how to approach it and which specific elements to focus on. But following this formula should help you […]

Temp to Hire Success

Working with temp-to-hire employees makes sense for businesses on many levels. It’s a non-committal way to “test the waters” and assess a worker’s aptitude before making a hiring decision. It also tends to be cost effective and can save money in both the recruiting and hiring process. But priming temp-to-hire employees for success is contingent […]

How Do You Deal with an Angry Caller in Your Customer Service Position?

Working in a customer service position can be incredibly stressful at times. It’s common for callers to be angry, and this anger often gets thrust upon employees who didn’t necessarily play a part in the issue. Diffusing the situation requires you to understand the caller’s mindset and effectively come up with a viable solution. Here […]