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Temp to Hire Success

Working with temp-to-hire employees makes sense for businesses on many levels. It’s a non-committal way to “test the waters” and assess a worker’s aptitude before making a hiring decision. It also tends to be cost effective and can save money in both the recruiting and hiring process. But priming temp-to-hire employees for success is contingent upon a few key factors. Here’s how to increase the odds of this working arrangement being mutually beneficial for the employee and your company.

Set Expectations

Setting the right expectations from the start is crucial. It’s important that you explain what you want to see from the employee during their trial period. They should be clear on your policies, the details of their job description and company culture.

Explain what it takes for an individual to be hired by the company. For instance, you might expect for them to demonstrate solid work ethic, to take initiative and consistently meet project deadlines. That will ensure you’re on the same page and minimize any unnecessary misunderstandings.

Meet to Review Their Performance

Communication throughout each phase of a temporary work agreement is essential. Hold periodic meetings to provide feedback and offer guidance for areas that need improvement. Ideally, you’ll maintain thorough documentation every step of the way to share it with the temp- to-hire employee

This will also come in handy in case there are any discrepancies and the working arrangement doesn’t work out.

Make No Guarantees

Both parties want it to be a win-win for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s just not realistic to expect it to work 100 percent of the time. Be sure to explain that you want to hire the employee, but it’s not a guarantee.

There are numerous factors involved in the outcome, and you can’t make any promises that they will be brought on long term.

The temp-to-hire working relationship can be unconventional, but very successful. By following these tips, you should be able to make the experience more pleasant for you and your future employee.

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