Why You Should Apply to a Job, Even When You Don’t Meet All the Requirements

two professionals shaking hands

Have you ever stumbled across a job title, got excited, but immediately got discouraged after reading the requirements? Here’s some advice on how you can still be an ideal candidate, even if your job requirements need some work. Recognize That the Perfect Candidate Doesn’t Exist “No one fits a job description perfectly, and there is […]

You May Be Googling Jobs, but Are You Googling Yourself?

There are roughly 3.5 billion Google searches performed every single day. People use this search engine to find every type of information imaginable. Googling yourself is smart and can provide you with some helpful information including the following. How Google Works Google is incredibly sophisticated and uses complex algorithms to generate its results. While your […]

Turn Your Placement into a Job Offer

For a worker, a temporary position is good, but a permanent one is even better. A common goal is to turn a placement into a legitimate job offer where you remain with an employer long-term.  Here are some tips that should help you make a great impression so that you’ll inevitably receive a job offer. […]

How Do You Deal with an Angry Caller in Your Customer Service Position?

Working in a customer service position can be incredibly stressful at times. It’s common for callers to be angry, and this anger often gets thrust upon employees who didn’t necessarily play a part in the issue. Diffusing the situation requires you to understand the caller’s mindset and effectively come up with a viable solution. Here […]

How to Maximize Your Time While Looking for a Full-Time Job

Looking for a full-time job can be quite tedious. It may take weeks, or in some cases months before you actually land a new position. So what can you do to make the most of your time and stay positive while you’re waiting? Here are some ideas. Find Jobs with Similar Skills If you’re not […]

Why Onsite Management is a Great Way to Manage Temporary Employees

Hiring temporary employees is a great way to cover the workload and offers a lot of benefits. However, when a company brings on a large amount of temporary employees, it can be difficult to manage everyone. One efficient option is onsite management, where a staffing agency provides an onsite representative to coordinate workers and their […]