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Why You Should Apply to a Job, Even When You Don’t Meet All the Requirements

Have you ever stumbled across a job title, got excited, but immediately got discouraged after reading the requirements? Here’s some advice on how you can still be an ideal candidate, even if your job requirements need some work.

Recognize That the Perfect Candidate Doesn’t Exist

“No one fits a job description perfectly, and there is no such thing as the perfect candidate,” explains the Forbes Coaches Council. “If you only apply for jobs that are an exact match for your expertise today, how will you grow?” This is a very important point to keep in mind. Most experts agree that as long as you meet 75 percent of the requirements, you should be in good shape. So, don’t stop applying to a rewarding position just because you don’t match a job description to a tee.

Highlight Your Relevant Skills

What you really want to focus on is the specific talents and skills you possess that are relevant to the position. Maybe you don’t have the exact experience that’s outlined in the job description. That’s okay as long as you discuss transferable skills that would be valuable in the job you’re applying for.

Be Enthusiastic About the Position

On average, there are 118 people who apply for any given position. Often, the candidates that stand out the most and ultimately get hired aren’t the ones that meet all of the qualifications; they’re the ones who are most enthusiastic. Therefore, it’s critical that you convey your enthusiasm in your application or cover letter. Letting recruiters know that you’re genuinely eager to work for their company, can greatly increase your odds.

Try to Find a Key Contact

Finally, you can often get your foot in the door with an employer by seeking out a key contact and building rapport with them. If possible, be sure to look for a specific person when applying instead of going through an applicant tracking system. Try to locate their contact information, and address them by name to get a conversation started.

You shouldn’t give up on a job you’re interested in just because you don’t meet all the requirements. In many cases, you still have a good chance of getting hired as long as you take the correct approach. Following these tips should help you go about it the right way and make a great first impression on your recruiter.

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