3 Simple Ways to Show Your Personality in Your Job Search

Your job search is obviously serious and a way to show your professional experience and skills. That being said, it’s also important to showcase your personality to hiring managers. Here are three simple ways to do so. 1. Be Original in Your Cover Letter The way you write your cover letter and the specific information […]

Best Ways to Improve Your Relationship With Your Staffing Agency!

Partnering with a staffing agency is a smart move for many businesses. This gives you access to a vast network of skilled employees and can dramatically improve your recruiting as well as other areas of operations. But in order to succeed, it’s crucial to build a strong relationship with your staffing agency. Here are some […]

Does the Hiring Manager View You as a Nuisance?

Here’s the scenario. You just finished interviewing for a job that you’re highly interested in. You thought that things went well and you want to follow-up with your hiring manager. This is a smart move that can increase your chances of getting hired. But sometimes, people are so eager to get a job that they […]