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Does the Hiring Manager View You as a Nuisance?

Here’s the scenario. You just finished interviewing for a job that you’re highly interested in. You thought that things went well and you want to follow-up with your hiring manager. This is a smart move that can increase your chances of getting hired.

But sometimes, people are so eager to get a job that they become an annoyance in their follow-up contact. Here’s how to show that you’re interested without hurting your chances at the job.

What Is and What Isn’t Acceptable

First things first, it’s important to have an understanding of what’s considered proper etiquette when following up. Most experts agree that it’s advisable to follow-up within 24 hours after an interview. In fact, you don’t typically want to wait any longer than 48 hours because you may no longer be fresh in the mind of a busy recruiter.

The most acceptable ways to follow-up are to make a phone call, send an email or mail a thank-you note. However, you should ensure that your thank-you note is going to make it in a timely manner.

What’s not acceptable in most cases is to pop in and follow-up in person. The people you interviewed with probably have busy schedules, and it can be incredibly intrusive and could come across as being inconsiderate. You can be really excited about the job but not think about the priorities of the other person.

What if I Haven’t Heard Back From a Recruiter?

Let’s say that you followed up and it’s been a few days, but you still haven’t received a reply. It may be tempting to simply go ahead and contact your recruiter once again. However, it’s advisable to tread lightly when doing so. In fact, Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite states, “never reach out more than twice if you hear nothing at all after two weeks or so.”

If you haven’t heard back after what seems like a reasonable period of time, it’s usually best to move on to to the next job opportunity.

There’s often a fine line between expressing your interest and being a nuisance. That’s why you’ll want to understand the basics of follow-up etiquette. By following a few guidelines, you can follow-up in a tactful way.

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