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How to Find More Job Openings (Hint: It Has to Do with a Staffing Firm)

Although there are countless job openings in your industry at any given time, it’s doubtful that you’ll know about the large majority of them. In fact, Forbes reports, “about 80 percent are never advertised.” This means that you often have to have the right contacts and connections if you expect to find the best job openings. Here’s how going through a staffing firm can open more doors and unlock new opportunities for you.

Being “In the Know”

Due to the fact that roughly four out of five job openings aren’t openly announced or advertised, it’s helpful to have an inside contact to find out about them. Furthermore, knowing someone on the inside greatly works in your favor because they can validate you as a candidate and put in a good word. Without the right network, it’s going to limit your options significantly – and you’re probably going to miss out on a lot of job openings.

Where a Staffing Firm Comes In

One of the best things about using a staffing firm is that you instantly gain access to an extensive network that you simply wouldn’t have otherwise. With many firms having strong relationships with dozens or even hundreds of companies, they can help match you with a position that suits your strengths and skill set.

At any given time, a staffing firm will have the inside scoop on which jobs are open in your area, and will have connections with employers and managers. Discussing your skills and qualifications with branch personnel, is the first step in finding a position.

Serving as a Helpful Third Party

By going through a staffing firm, you can leverage their existing contacts and get your foot in the door for a plethora of job openings. This way, they can facilitate communication between you and a potential employer in a way that’s mutually beneficial to everyone. When it’s all said and done, you can gain access to job openings that you probably wouldn’t have had on your own and expedite the job search process. This ultimately means that you can get back to work without a lot of complications.

The bottom line is that knowing the right people is important for finding out about the large number of job openings that aren’t advertised. Staffing firms are ideal because of the networks they have, and can be an incredibly powerful resource.

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