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Have a Plan for Success at Your Next Job Fair

If you’re looking to expedite the job search process, one great option is to attend a job fair, which is the equivalent of speed dating for employers and job seekers. Although these events can be somewhat intimidating, creating a plan before a job fair increases your chances of being successful. Here are some tips for preparing.

Dress Appropriately

Because a job fair is a professional event, you need to dress the part and treat it as if you were attending a formal job interview. Doing so should help you make a positive first impression and make it easier to get your foot in the door with potential employers. The type of job you’re interested in will dictate precisely how you dress. For instance, a high-profile position might require you to wear a suit and tie. In other cases, a nice button up shirt and khaki pants may suffice.

Bring Copies of Your Resume or Portfolio

If you hit it off with a company representative, you’ll want to promptly supply them with additional information that they can take along to learn more about you. Consequently, it’s important that you bring along several copies of your resume or portfolio. These need to look professional and include your contact information so a recruiter can easily get in touch.

Research Relevant Companies

You can do yourself a big favor by performing some preliminary research on the companies that will be in attendance. This might include company history, their philosophy, culture and so on, which can be done by browsing online and looking through their website. Knowing a bit about a company can help you impress recruiters and guide your conversation.

Prepare Some Questions

After doing your research, you should come up with a handful of questions that you can ask when speaking with company reps. This kills two birds with one stone because it shows your preparedness and will also reduce any confusion that you may have concerning the specifics of a job.

Be Prepared to Take Notes

During the course of a job fair, you’re going to be soaking up lots of information – and it’s almost impossible to remember everything. That’s why it’s smart to have a pen and paper, tablet, smartphone or laptop on standby to take notes that you can reflect on later. An added plus is that note-taking shows recruiters that you’re taking things seriously.

Attending a job fair will provide you with plenty of opportunities and put you directly in touch with potential employers. By putting forth some initial effort to prepare, you stand a much better chance of making the event a success.

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