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How Many Questions Should You Ask in the Interview?

During an interview, it’s customary for a hiring manager to ask a candidate several questions to assess their skills and gauge their personality. However, it’s also important that a candidate ask questions as well because it shows that they’re prepared, actively participating and have a genuine interest in a position.

While there are numerous questions you can ask, you can break them down into three main categories. Let’s now discuss what types of questions, as well as the ideal number you should ask in an interview.

Job Description Questions

These questions are aimed at discovering as much as possible about the responsibilities you will have if hired, and what types of challenges you’re likely to encounter. Forbes points out some specific questions that work great for learning more about a position:

  • What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?
  • What are the daily tasks I would be responsible for?
  • What constitutes success at this position and this company?

Company Questions

This is where you’ll dig into the specifics of the potential company you’ll be working for. Asking these questions will help you learn about their background as well as the latest news. Here are some examples:

  • What distinguishes this company from industry competitors?
  • What are some things this company has done recently to show that it values its employees?
  • What is the single-largest problem facing your staff, and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem?

Culture Questions

Finally, culture questions will give you insight into a company’s values and what the general vibe will be if you’re brought on board. Some questions you could potentially ask include:

  • What’s the overall culture and philosophy of this company?
  • Can you describe your management style?
  • How will my performance be reviewed, and what factors will be taken into account?

How Many Questions Should I Ask?

While there’s no definitive number of questions you should ask, there is a general rule of thumb to follow. According to experts, five is usually a good number to shoot for because it allows you to gain a better understanding of the situation but isn’t so much that you’re overloading an interviewer. However, if you have a few other burning questions, it’s usually okay to ask as long as they’re relevant and not simply wasting an interviewer’s time.

The bottom line is that it’s smart to ask a few key questions during an interview. Not only does is show that you’re actively participating and interested, it can help you better determine if a particular job is right for you.

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