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Why Management Must Emphasize Safety

Workplace safety is no laughing matter for today’s businesses and something that should be taken very seriously. Failing to do so puts workers at unnecessary risk and can be quite costly to employers. In fact, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety’s 2014 Workplace Safety Index reports that “overexertion and falls alone account for more than $25 billion in workers’ compensation costs in the U.S.”

For companies that want to do more than just say safety is important, management needs to make it an emphasis every single day. Here are some ways for accomplishing this.

Start With Policies

Without a clear set of rules and guidelines in place, chaos can quickly creep in and leave your staff susceptible to injuries. If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and create some safety policies that address any concerns of your workplace. This will provide both management and employees with some tangible guidelines to follow that will help keep everyone safer. If you’re not sure how to get started, check out these examples of health and safety policies.

Enforce Those Policies

Without holding employees accountable and enforcing safety policies, they’re likely to only have a minimal impact. That’s why you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got specific members of management appointed to monitor the workplace and quickly respond any time your policies aren’t being upheld. You may also want to require employees to check off a list of daily safety tasks so you know everyone is following through.

Provide Continued Training

The workplace is by no means a static environment – it’s dynamic with things constantly in flux. This is why it’s essential that you stay on top of safety and provide your staff with continued training. For instance, you might have them learn new skills, read over new materials or take a periodic training course.

Keep Your Staff Aware of Safety at All Times

It’s not all that hard to forget about safety protocol, especially when employees are hard at work. As a result, they may be inclined to throw caution to the wind at times. To counteract this, make it a priority to keep staff aware of relevant safety policies no matter what. This might include posting safety materials around the workplace and reminding staff of potential hazards.

Without an emphasis on safety, you’re setting your business up for problems. Fortunately, following a few key steps can greatly minimize dangers and keep your staff significantly safer on the whole. If you’re looking for more helpful information on this topic, consult this resource from OSHA.

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