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Make Them Want to Read Your Cover Letter

While the cover letter may seem secondary to the resume, it arguably plays a bigger role in getting your foot in the door. After all, a hiring manager will often view your cover letter before deciding whether or not to check out your resume. This means you want your cover letter to stand out and grab their attention enough to move you on to the next stage of hiring. Here’s how to create a cover letter a hiring manager wants to read.

Have a Good Format

A good format goes something like this. A quick intro, followed by selling yourself and explaining your credentials and ending with a quick wrap up. The key to a well-crafted resume is being brief and getting right to the point.

There’s no need to write a lengthy exposition explaining your entire job history and every last skill you possess. You’re simply trying to capture the essence of your qualifications and briefly summarize how you would be an asset.

Keep your cover letter no more than three paragraphs long and a maximum of half a page. Make sure it’s easily scannable and leave out any irrelevant details.

Show Some Examples

Hiring managers want to know exactly why you would be a good candidate and why they should advance you to the next round of hiring. In order to show your value, it’s wise to include some specific examples from your career that match the job description.

If you were applying for a position as a material handler, you might highlight your experience pulling materials off of trucks, fulfilling orders and so on.

Don’t Just Restate Your Resume

A common mistake that job seekers make is using the exact same content on their cover letter as they do on their resume. The purpose of a cover letter isn’t to repeat your resume. It’s to add some additional, pertinent details that show why you’re a good fit and influence employers to look closer at your resume.

Be Specific

Remember that each job is unique and that a customized approach is important for grabbing the attention of a hiring manager. For this reason, you should address a specific person whenever possible rather than the generic “Dear sir or madam.”

Nailing your cover letter is a critical first step to landing a job you’re interested in. By covering these points, you should be well on your way to piquing the interest of employers and making them want to learn more about you.

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