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5 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Interview

During a job interview, a hiring manager will be assessing you on many levels. Some factors they’ll consider include your appearance, how you respond to questions, and how articulate you are. Another major factor is your body language. In fact, psychological studies indicate that body language accounts for roughly 55 percent of communication. Here are five common body language mistakes to avoid.

1. Weak Handshake

A weak handshake is usually an indicator of low confidence and a lack of assertiveness. The interesting thing is that a poll found that 70 percent of people don’t feel confident about their ability to give a proper handshake. When giving a handshake, remember to be firm with your grip and not offer up a limp hand. At the same time, it’s important that it’s not so firm that it crushes the hiring manager’s hand. Practice striking a nice balance.

2. Nervous Twitching

It’s normal to be anxious at a job interview, but you should keep any fidgeting to a minimum. This can make you appear as nervous, which can make the interview awkward and be off-putting for a recruiter. It can also give the impression that you’re non-assertive. The key here is to take a deep breath and be calm and deliberate with your movements. Avoid jittery knees, restless legs, twiddling your thumbs and so on.

3.Crossing Your Arms

This behavior makes you appear defensive, as if you’re closing yourself off. In turn, you can seem guarded and unapproachable – neither of which are going to make a positive impression. A better arm position would be to sit with either your hands in your lap or on the table, which will make you appear more open.

Not Making Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact will give the impression that you lack confidence and are unsure of yourself. While you don’t want to stare directly at a hiring manager the entire time, you should look them in the eye periodically and not shy away from eye contact to convey confidence.

Being Too Serious

Being overtly serious and failing to smile can make you seem unhappy and like a bit of a killjoy. Remember that you’re striving to build rapport here and connect with your recruiter on some level. Make sure that you smile periodically and try to give off a sense of warmth. Doing so should make the interview more comfortable for both parties.

There are a lot of variables involved with body language. Learning which behaviors to avoid and how to improve, should help your interviews go smoother and ensure that you make the best possible impression on recruiters.

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