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How to Put the Job Candidate at Ease in the Interview

Interviews are intrinsically nerve-racking for most job candidates. In fact, a study for Everest College conducted by Harris Interactive found “92 percent of job seekers fear something about the interview process.”

The fear of the unknown combined with being placed under the microscope can leave even the most confident individuals a little shaken. But as an interviewer, there are several things you can do to put the job candidate at ease and make the process more pleasant for both parties. Here are some tips.

Have a Friendly Demeanor

It’s up to you to set the right tone. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult to do. Be friendly and give the job candidate a warm greeting. Be sure to smile and treat it like you were greeting a friend or beloved colleague. If the receptionist will be the first person the candidate will interact with, instruct them to do the same.

Offer a Brief Introduction

You’ll want to initiate the dialogue at the beginning of an interview and establish some level of rapport with a job candidate. This is important before you start asking questions. One of the best ways to do this is to start with a brief introduction that covers the following:

  • A quick history of your company
  • Your background and role in the company
  • What the candidate’s role would be if hired

This should get the ball rolling and allow you to transition smoothly to into the interview.

Avoid Asking Tricky Questions

Of course you want to gauge a candidate’s skill set and gain a sense of their strengths and weaknesses. But throwing too many tricky questions out of left field isn’t the best way to do it. This can throw candidates off balance and increase their nervousness, which can be counterproductive. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask tough questions here and there, but try to avoid throwing any major curveballs.

Don’t Make it an Interrogation

Remember, that you’re an interviewer meeting with a job candidate and not a police interrogator trying to uncover information from a criminal. Stay away from grilling a candidate with question after tough question and give them a moment to catch their breath. Also, try to remain friendly and conversational throughout the process.

You can count on job candidates being nervous during an interview. It’s a natural human reaction. But there are a few ways you can put them at ease. Doing so should make for a more enjoyable interview and will make it easier for you to make a thorough assessment of what they bring to the table.

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