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Effective Tips to Make Your Resume Look Consistent

Employers look at multiple elements of a resume. They always look at work experience, job skills, and background. But there’s one thing that might not be so obvious, and that’s consistency.

Get Interviews says to “Make sure you’re conveying the same message throughout your entire resume. By doing so, your consistency will tell employers that you are fully confident in your ability to get the job done and that you’ve put plenty of effort into your resume. “ Here are some effective tips to make your resume look consistent and impress recruiters.

Use a Skills-Based Resume

You’ll typically want to create a skills-based resume if you’ve primarily been gaining employment through staffing agencies. This tends to work better than a chronological resume because it emphasizes skills and talents rather than work history. Set yourself up for success and share that manufacturing skill you’ve used at five different jobs instead of gaps in between numerous temporary jobs.

Show All of Your Temporary Jobs

List all temporary jobs you’ve held during the specified time range. When referencing the dates of employment, be consistent with formatting.  For example, you wouldn’t want to say you held one job between April – August 2015 and another during the fall of 2016. It doesn’t matter which type of format you use. Just be sure that you’re consistent.

Show That You Worked for a Staffing Agency Over an Extended Period of Time

“Job hopping” doesn’t tend to look good on a resume. Employers usually prefer to hire someone with a stable job history and appears dependable. This can be a problem if you’ve primarily been working temporary positions. (Bonus tip: Have a great answer for this question!)

Fortunately, you can get around this and show that you’re dependable by mentioning that you’ve worked for a single staffing agency during an extended period of time. Maybe you worked several jobs with different employers, but if it was with one staffing agency, this works in your favor.

Pay Attention to Other Elements of Formatting

In addition to formatting employment dates with consistency, there are some other details to keep in mind. These include:

  • Fonts – Use a conventional font such as Arial, Cambria or Times New Roman that’s easy to read, and use it throughout your resume. Do not switch fonts.
  • Size – Ensure consistency with headers, paragraphs, etc.
  • Spacing – Keep it the same (e.g. single spacing or double spacing).
  • Color – Keep it basic, and don’t throw in too many different colors.

Consistency in your resume is vital for getting employers to take you seriously and feeling confident in taking you to the next round of hiring. Implementing these tips should help you cover the bases and increase your odds of ultimately landing an interview.

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