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Win the Interview Before You Even Sit Down

According to research, “33 percent of bosses know within the first 90 seconds of an interview whether they will hire someone.” That statistic emphasizes the importance of making a great first impression and getting things started on the right foot. While your performance during the actual interview is important, there are a few things you can do to win the interview before sitting down.

Professional Communication in Your Email/Phone Call

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of being the consummate professional from the beginning. Follow best practices during correspondence via email or telephone.

Here are some general rules of thumb:

  • Respond promptly
  • Introduce yourself so a recruiter knows exactly who you are (they may be in contact with several candidates)
  • Don’t go overboard with exclamation marks in emails (this tends to convey a lack of professionalism)
  • Use a clear subject line on emails
  • Try to use PDF files in emails (they’re easier to view than bulky files and reduces any potential formatting errors)

 Confident Body Language When You Walk in the Room

Body language is recognized as being a major factor in overall communication. Therefore, it’s essential to use correct body language as soon as you walk in the room.

Some examples include:

  • Smiling
  • Maintaining eye contact (without staring)
  • Sitting in “open positions” (i.e. not crossing your arms because it makes you appear closed off)
  • Maintaining good posture

Firm Handshake

Although it may seem like a mere formality, having the right handshake tells an interviewer a lot about you. According to career advice expert Amanda Augustine, “A firm handshake can help you demonstrate confidence, create a bond and become more memorable to your interviewer – all in less than three seconds.” Make sure it’s firm, but not painful for your interviewer.

Confident Voice Level

Ideally, speak in a volume that is neither too soft (because it can make you seem unconfident or passive) nor too loud (because you can across as being brash). Find a nice balance between the two voice levels.

There are many factors that determine how well a recruiter receives you. Many involve subtle details that may be overlooked. By focusing on these key areas, you increase your odds of success.

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