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Three Best Tips Axiom Staffing Shared With Clients in 2017

Recruiting and hiring are no easy tasks. There are a lot of factors involved with finding the right employees and ensuring they fit with your company culture. Throughout 2017, we have covered numerous topics to give employers an edge. Here are some of the best tips and highlights from our top posts.

1. Temp-to-Hire Requires the Right Approach

Temp-to-hire is an unconventional working arrangement that comes with its own unique challenges. For instance, it’s easy for employees to get the wrong idea they’re guaranteed to land a job long-term. In this article, we address some of the major challenges and explain how to prepare a temp-to-hire worker for success.

This includes setting the right expectations where you’re upfront about the job description, company culture and polices. It also mentions the importance of providing ongoing feedback on an employee’s performance.

2. Put the Job Candidate at Ease During the Interview

Interviewing for a job can create anxiety for candidates, and it’s worse for some people than others. In fact, more than 9 out of 10 people have some type of fear relating to an interview. Here we discuss some techniques for making candidates feel more comfortable including:

  • Being friendly and courteous
  • Being the one to start the conversation and get the ball rolling
  • Being selective about the questions you ask
  • Ensuring the interview doesn’t lead to an “interrogation”

3. Hire the Right Candidate Quickly

 Time is of the essence when you’re looking to fill a position. The problem is it takes nearly a month on average for employers to make a new hire. Here we look at some techniques you can use to accelerate your company’s hiring, while ensuring you find the right person. Some examples include:

  • Automating certain parts of the process
  • Using efficient onboarding
  • Tackling the topic of company culture
  • Being upfront about job duties
  • Potentially partnering with a staffing agency

Put all of this together, and you can often shave a considerable amount of time off the hiring process.

The efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s recruiting impacts your productivity, profitability and bottom line. Implementing the advice from these posts should help you fine-tune that process and consistently fill vacant positions with qualified talent.

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