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How to Come Out on Top After Juggling Job Interviews and Offers

Here’s the situation. You’ve been put a lot of time and energy into your job search and have ultimately received multiple offers from two or more companies. This is certainly a good problem to have. You want to handle the situation correctly and land the best position for you. Here are some tips to ensure you come out on top.

Be Sure You Have a Formal Offer

First things first, you need to be sure you have a legitimate offer on the table before anything else. Simply having a “good chance” of being offered a particular position isn’t the same thing as having a formal, written offer. So make sure it’s official before you do anything else. This is crucial for gaining leverage.

Be Honest with Recruiters

Say you’ve received a formal offer from company A, but there’s a strong likelihood that company B will give you an even better offer in a couple of days. And it’s company B that you’re more interested in working with. This can be tricky because you don’t want to ruin a good opportunity that’s already within your grasp by “getting greedy.”

Your best bet here is to be honest and say something like. “I really appreciate your job offer and am very excited about the possibility of joining your company. I have one final conversation set on [X date] with another company, and I’d like to honor that. Could I please have a couple of extra days to confirm my decision?”

In most cases, a recruiter will grant you the extra time as long as it’s not too lengthy. And this will buy you time to look into another potentially better offer without ruining the one you already have.

Be Grateful to All Parties Involved

Remember that recruiters have numerous candidates to choose from, and they don’t have to offer you a job. You should always be grateful and express your sincere appreciation for their time, even if you don’t ultimately accept the offer. Ending your communication with a thank you should ensure you close on a positive note and don’t burn any bridges.

Receiving multiple job offers is something many people dream of. But when it actually happens, you need to take the right approach to ensure you come out on top. Following these guidelines should help you find yourself in the ideal position.

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