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Easy Ways to Get Yourself Noticed on LinkedIn

With 562 million users as of mid-2018, LinkedIn is one of today’s top resources for job seekers. There are abundant opportunities, and it provides you with an excellent way to connect with hiring managers. But in order to be successful, you need your profile to stand out. Here are some easy ways to get yourself noticed on LinkedIn.

Build Connections

The more connections you have, the better. Not only does growing your network help build your contact list, it often makes you look more appealing to recruiters. You want to try to reach that coveted 500+ mark.

But how do you quickly build connections? Digital marketing expert Tammy Borden suggests doing the following:

  • sending connection requests to everyone you know;
  • creating personalized requests (generic ones will often be overlooked); and
  • promoting your LinkedIn URL on other places (your email signature, other social networks, etc.)

Post Relevant Articles

One of the great things about LinkedIn is that you can share interesting content or create your own. This is something you’ll definitely want to take advantage of. Search the internet for high-quality content that’s related to your industry and post it. If you consider yourself to be a good writer, you can write an article directly from your LinkedIn dashboard.

Comment, Like and Share

Engaging with other users is a big part of getting noticed. This is what helps you find common interests and can put you on the radar of prospective employers. You’ll want to get in the habit of leaving thoughtful comments on the content people have posted, as well as liking and sharing whenever it makes sense.

Keep Your Information Updated

Employers will naturally gravitate toward candidates who have been recently active on LinkedIn. It is important to keep your profile updated to increase your chances of finding a job.

Career reporter at CNBC Marguerite Ward writes, “Having an outdated position on your LinkedIn profile page looks bad to recruiters. They might think that because you haven’t updated it, you aren’t active on the website and wouldn’t return their message, or even that you don’t take your online professional presence seriously.” Therefore, you’ll want to make any necessary changes, especially when it comes to your experience, skills and education.

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for your job search. Following these techniques should help you make the most of it and improve your odds of gaining the attention of recruiters.

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