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Make the Most of Your MIG Welder Career!

A career as a MIG welder can be rewarding and satisfying. Fortunately, demand is quite high. “There is an actual shortage of skilled welders,” writes expert Gregory Sanders. “Welding jobs in the manufacturing sector have steadily increased since 2000, and several major oil pipelines have begun construction.” Here are some tips and tricks for getting your MIG welding career off the ground.

Understand What Employers Want

Sanders explains that employers tend to look for three specific things when interviewing candidates—an understanding of common metalworking techniques, up-to-date certification and the ability to pass a hands-on test. If you’re lacking in any of these three areas, you’ll want to do whatever is necessary to meet employer expectations prior to an interview.

Fine-Tune Your Skills

MIG welding requires a fairly robust skill set. No matter how good you are, there’s almost always room for improvement. Successful Farming journalist Dave Mowitz offers some great advice on fine-tuning your skills:

  • Always clean the metal surface before welding – This prevents porosity and creates a better overall weld.
  • Use both of your hands whenever possible.
  • Change out contact tips frequently – Worn tips can create an erratic arc and will often be oval shaped.

Join a Welding Organization

There are several welding organizations such as the Welding Institute, the American Welding Society and the Edison Welding Institute. Becoming a member gives you access to a large network of professionals who can serve as valuable contacts and can potentially help you find a great job in the industry. Check out this resource for a full list of top welding organizations.

Polish Your Resume

Like any other career, you’ll want to ensure you have a rock-solid resume as a MIG welder. It’s important to point out that you’re skilled at MIG welding and add specific keywords so employers using an applicant tracking system can find you. Some examples include “MIG welder,” “MIG welding” and “metal inert gas welding.”

This should help you stand out over competitors and increase your odds of landing an interview. Also, make sure your experience, certifications and qualifications are all up-to-date.

Anything you can do to advance your career in this field is beneficial. The particular points mentioned here should help you gain momentum and hopefully find a great job with the right employer.

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