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A Year in Review: Axiom Staffing’s Best Blogs

2018 has been a spectacular year here at Axiom Staffing Group. During that time, we’ve covered a lot of different topics on our blog to help job seekers improve their careers. Here are five of our top posts.

1. How Do I Start Working with a Staffing Agency?

Many people are interested in partnering with a staffing agency, but they’re not entirely sure how to get started or how the basic process works. In this post, we cover the essentials like deciding which type of job you’re interested in, how to approach the interview, the information you need to provide recruiters and more.

 2. Turn Your Placement into a Job Offer

Finding a great temporary job has its benefits, but it’s common for employees to want a long-term working arrangement where the position becomes permanent. Here we offer advice on what you can do to impress an employer so they’ll want to bring you on indefinitely.

 3. 4 Resume Tips Your Job Search Will Love

It’s a known fact that hiring managers don’t spend very long reviewing resumes—about five to seven seconds on average. This means your resume needs to capture their attention and pique their interest enough to explore it further. You’ll find out four highly effective resume tips in this article including choosing the right resume format, using concrete data to show career improvement and mentioning recent accomplishments.

 4. Which Qualities Do Call Center Managers Want in Their Employees?

Working in a call center requires a person to possess a very distinctive skill set with the right mix of hard and soft skills. We talk about the importance of being even tempered, handling criticism well, being a solid communicator and more. Reading this post can be very helpful if you’re considering a career in the call center industry and should let you know if it’s the right fit or not.

 5. 5 Reasons it Might Be Time to Look for Another Job

You may not love your job 100 percent of the time, but there can come a point when it takes a personal toll. In that case, you’re usually better off looking for employment elsewhere and a better opportunity with a different company. In this blog, we discuss five specific reasons why you may want to find another job. These include dreading each workday, always feeling bored, being underappreciated, feeling career stagnation and experiencing health problems.

The five posts listed here tackle a variety of different topics and provide tips on career development. Check them out to gain valuable insights.

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