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Have You Done Your Pre-Interview Research?

When preparing for an interview, don’t just consider about what you’re going to say – think about what you know. Be sure you’re knowledgeable about the company you’re interviewing with. Doing so should put you in the best possible position during an interview. Here are some tips for finding information and streamlining the process.

Use the Right Resources

There are a few different resources you can use to find information. A company’s website is usually the best place to start and should give you a general idea of what they’re like and what they’re looking for in an employee.

You may also want to check out their:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Social media pages
  • Blog
  • Google search results
  • Recent news events

In terms of specific things to research, here are some of the most important.


It’s nice to know how long a company has been in business and how they’ve grown over the years. Try to learn about the steps they’ve taken to get to where they are today. For instance, maybe they were once a small startup but have grown into a leading company in their industry.


Culture is defined as, “The beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company’s employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions.” If you’re a natural fit for an employer from a cultural standpoint, this can give you an edge over other candidates.

How exactly can you determine what a company’s culture is like?

Work It Daily suggests:

  • Find out what types of behaviors are rewarded and punished
  • Look for reviews from previous employees
  • See what type of content they post on social media (Is it formal, casual, etc.?)

Values and Mission

Every business has its own unique philosophy and approach. Spend some time researching to find out what their values are. This can be a great fuel for conversation during your interview if you share similar values.

Pre-interview research serves multiple purposes. Not only does it help you impress your recruiter and gain an edge over other candidates, it lets you know how likely you are to fit in at a company. Following these tips ensures you focus on the right things so you’re fully prepared.

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