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Don’t Be Fooled by These Tricky Interview Questions

Hiring managers may throw a lot at you to assess your skills and see how good of a fit you would be for their job. Some of their questions may seem out of left field. Don’t let the season of April Fools mess your interview up! Prepare for any interview questions that may be thrown at you with these tips.

“What’s Your Greatest Weakness?”

Employers are usually looking for two pieces of information when asking this question. They want to see whether or not you have self-awareness and how capable you are of making improvements. They’re looking for honesty here, so delivering a pre-packaged, generic answer like, “My only weakness is that I care too much” is going to hurt your chances of getting hired. Instead, you’ll want to be transparent and explain the steps you took to overcome your weakness.

“Why Did You Leave Your Previous Position?”

When asking this question, hiring managers want to know you left your previous position on a positive note and there was minimal friction between both parties. If you went out on less-than-ideal terms, this could create problems in the future if an employer decides to hire you. So you’ll want to provide an honest answer and ensure you’re not painting your former company in a bad light. Try to avoid going into too much detail, and simply say something like, “It wasn’t a good fit.”

“How Did You Deal With a Difficult Manager?”

Again, you don’t want to speak poorly of a former employer. That’s going to make you look bad and reduce an interviewer’s interest level. The key to answering this question is to focus on what you learned and the positive takeaways from the experience. If you had a difficult manager who was controlling and liked to micromanage, you might say it made you more assertive and taught you to speak up.

“Why Should We Hire You Over Other Candidates?”

The trick here is to point out the hard and soft skills you possess that make you a top contender for a position. Respond humbly, but mention how these skills differentiate you from the rest of the competition, and why you’d be a huge asset to their company.

You never know exactly what a hiring manager will ask you, and some questions can be flat out tricky. Being prepared for some of the more common ones mentioned here should help you respond gracefully and with tact so you make a positive impression on the hiring manager.

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