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Basic Tech Knowledge You Need for Any Job in 2019!

Technology has transformed the modern workplace and makes employees more efficient and productive. Having a basic idea of certain tech knowledge tends to make you a more desirable candidate and can increase your chances of landing a job. Here are some specific types of technology you’ll need to be familiar with in 2019.


Microsoft has been used by workplaces for decades, and it’s still as big as ever. Word and Excel are perhaps the two most common platforms you should be knowledgeable in. Word is what most people would consider the universal word processing software, and Excel the universal spreadsheet software. Beyond that, it’s helpful to know how to use PowerPoint for creating presentations. You can learn more about Microsoft applications here.

Social Media

As of 2019, 79 percent of the U.S. population had a social media profile. Today’s companies use it for marketing, networking, customer service and more. So it’s important to at least understand the basics of how it works. For a list of helpful resources aimed toward beginners, check out this guide from HubSpot.


Roughly 246 billion emails are sent every day, and it’s the preferred method of communication for many customers. Therefore, it’s vital you know the ins and out of email including how to:

  • Compose new emails
  • Reply to and forward them
  • Upload files and media
  • Filter through them
  • Identify fraudulent emails like phishing attacks

With some of the most popular email platforms being Gmail and Outlook, those are the ones you’ll usually want to focus on.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can perform a ton of different commands with a keyboard. And this can result in a lot of keystrokes — something that can slow you down and reduce productivity over the course of the day. That’s why it’s helpful to understand some common keyboard shortcuts. For example, Shift + F2 allows you to copy the text in Microsoft Word and Control + B allows you to bold text. For a comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts, take a look at this resource from TurboFuture.

With technology being so prevalent these days, certain tech knowledge is a must when applying for a job. Knowing what employers are looking for and taking the time to familiarize yourself with those platforms could be a big asset in your job search.

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