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Don’t Be Caught Off-Guard. Here’s How to Answer Some of the Trickiest Interview Questions.

You never know exactly what will be thrown at you during a job interview. Often questions will come out of left field, and you may be unsure how to respond. Here’s how to stay calm, cool and collected during your next interview — even if the hiring manager tries to trick you with these questions.

What’s Your Biggest Weakness?

This is one of the classic interview questions that still makes candidates squirm. And it’s one that requires finesse to answer correctly. Most experts agree that the best approach is to be honest but focus on a minor detail that won’t raise any red flags for the hiring manager. For example, you might say that your teamwork skills could be better.

What’s really important is that you follow it up by explaining the steps you’re taking to improve. When it comes to teamwork, you might say that you’re working on your communication and learning to make it about the team rather yourself. Answering honestly shows that you have self-awareness, and demonstrating that you’re working on your flaws shows that you’re taking initiative and are actively trying to improve.

What’s One Reason Not to Hire You?

This question can make things uncomfortable in a hurry. You want to be honest, but you don’t want to say something that can instantly harm your chances of being hired. The solution?

Answer truthfully, but quickly turn it around by also mentioning why an employer should hire you. For instance, you might say, “You shouldn’t hire me if you’re looking for employees who only follow the status quo and don’t challenge things. However, you should hire me if you’re looking for someone who brings fresh ideas to the table and thinks outside the box.”

If Hired, Do You Still See Yourself at Our Company in Five Years?

Employee turnover is a big problem for many companies. So the purpose of this question is to figure out how likely you are to hang around for the long haul. You can’t predict the future, so you don’t necessarily need to say that you’ll still be with the company in five years. But what you should focus on is your commitment to career development. A good response would be, “I definitely see myself in the same industry in five years. However, I hope to increase my knowledge and skillset and take on more responsibility.”

It’s impossible to know exactly which questions a hiring manager will ask, and some may be difficult. But properly preparing for tricky questions like these should leave you in the best possible position so that you impress your hiring manager and increase your odds of getting hired.

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