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How Many Rounds of Interviews Are Too Many?

It can be beneficial to have multiple interviews to fill a position. This allows the employer to gain more valuable information about the candidate and make a well-informed decision. But how many rounds of interviews are truly necessary? In this post, we’ll find out.

A General Rule

There is no definitive number as to how many rounds of interviewing is best. It’s based on multiple factors. As a general rule, you won’t want to exceed three rounds. In the vast majority of cases — besides some top-level executive positions — this is an adequate number of interviews and should provide you with enough information to make a hiring decision and feel confident about it.

Consider the Position You’re Hiring For

The main factor you’ll want to base your choice on is the specific position candidates are applying for. If it’s for an entry-level job, one round is often sufficient. If it’s for a mid-level job or one that involves a lot of responsibilities, you may want to stretch it to two rounds. In this scenario, you’ll discuss each candidate’s qualifications in greater detail during the second interview, and you may have them meet with other company leaders and staff.

The only time when three rounds may be necessary is when you’re looking to fill an upper management position. Keep in mind, the final round isn’t usually an in-depth interview and is more of a way to help you decide between two or three top candidates. Most recruiting experts agree that companies usually make hiring decisions during the initial interview and use the following interviews for reassurance purposes and to narrow down which person is best out of two or three top prospects.

Respect the Candidate’s Time

At the end of the day, what’s important is that you respect each candidate’s time. If you genuinely feel that you need two or even three rounds of interviews to make the right decision, that’s totally fine. Be sure to keep candidates in the loop and only schedule what’s really necessary.

Hiring isn’t always easy, and you may struggle to find the ideal person, especially when you’re dealing with a highly talented candidate pool. Following these tips should ensure you have the right number of interviews and don’t overdo it.

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