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Why Am I Not Hearing Back From Hiring Managers?

Hello! I applied for a job! It can sometimes feel discouraging not to hear back from hiring managers, but what’s the deal? Why didn’t you hear back? Here are some common reasons so you can fine-tune your job search.

You’re Under Qualified

In many cases, you may simply lack the knowledge, and background recruiters want. Maybe you don’t have experience in the specific type of position they’re looking for. Maybe you haven’t completed the necessary education. Or maybe they feel that the skills you currently possess won’t transfer. While there is no such thing as a “perfect candidate,” some hiring managers are more selective than others and are very particular about qualifications. And this may be the primary reason why you don’t get a response.

Another Candidate Was More Qualified

Another scenario is where you have all of the right qualifications, but another candidate is just a bit more qualified. This is no knock on you. It simply means that you barely got edged by someone else and are better suited for a different position with another employer.

There Are Issues with Your Resume

This is a biggie. “Recruiters generally make up their mind about a candidate within 60 seconds of glancing at their resume, so it could be something as small as a spelling error that gets your application discarded,” explains Undercover Recruiter. This means you need to be careful when writing your resume and be thorough when checking for mistakes. Besides spelling, you should check your grammar, ensure your resume doesn’t have an overly casual tone, and is neatly formatted.

You Lack a Social Presence

Studies have found, “70 percent of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process.” It’s a simple way for them to get a feel for what candidates are like and weed out anyone who isn’t a good fit for their company. If they search for your name but find nothing, there’s a good chance that they’ll pass on you and look at other candidates. That’s why it’s so important to have at least some type of social presence, ideally on top sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

It can be frustrating when you put a lot of effort into applying for jobs but don’t hear anything back. Understanding the reasoning behind hiring managers’ decision-making should help you prevent making mistakes and increase your odds of eventually landing a great position.

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