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8 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

Job interviews are extremely nerve-racking, and at times, we can say the wrong thing. Here are eight things to prepare to never say in your next job interview.


1. “I’ve never worked in this type of position before.”

You may not have a ton of experience. But you certainly don’t want to bring attention to that fact because this will hurt your chances of landing the job.

2. “Can you give me an overview of the position?”

A critical part of applying to any job is thoroughly reading through the job description and learning about the company. This statement shows that you haven’t done your research and haven’t put in any effort.

3. “My last boss was horrible.”

Although you may not have seen eye to eye with your previous boss, you never want to say anything bad about them. This is highly unprofessional and tells a recruiter that you’re quick to complain.

4. “I’m viewing this job as a stepping stone in my career.”

Even if you view the job you’re applying for as a means of moving up the ladder and building your career; it’s not something you want to disclose. Doing so gives the impression that you’ll be quick to jump at another offer and aren’t someone a hiring manager can count on long-term.

5. “How much do you pay?”

While you obviously want to know what your salary will be if hired, it’s not a topic that you want to bring up right away. After all, this sends the message that you’re only in it for the money.

6. “How long does it take to receive a promotion?”

Saying this tells a recruiter that you’re after a different job than the one you’re applying for, which can make you seem less committed to the role. It’s good to have ambition, but save this discussion for later on.

7. “My greatest weakness is that I’m a perfectionist.”

This is one of the biggest clichés of all time. It will instantly make you seem insincere and shows a lack of self-awareness.

8. “I don’t have any questions about this job.”

You could make the argument that having questions for a hiring manager is just as important as successfully answering the questions they ask you. So you’ll always want to have at least a few questions prepared beforehand.

Interviews aren’t easy. But understanding some common mistakes candidates make and how to avoid them should ensure you don’t say the wrong thing and can make a better impression on a recruiter.

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