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How to Avoid the “Monkey See, Monkey Do” Effect

You’ve probably heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do.” It’s a psychological construct that is simple to understand: someone sees another person doing something, and they do it, too. In the business world, we can fall prey to this thinking as well. And although it can be valuable to see what other companies and organizations are doing in your field, it’s also important to avoid spending too much time worrying about what others are doing or trying to duplicate it. That wastes time and resources.

Here’s how to avoid the “monkey see, monkey do” effect at your company:

Think outside the box.

Make an effort to think outside of the box when it comes to your standard business operations. This starts with the top leadership and trickles down. When you develop new innovations and creative solutions to problems, you’re doing something unique, not copying off someone else’s ideas or successes. Remind yourself to think differently every day.

Hire great leaders.

Innovative thinking starts at the very top, but it’s certainly helped along by great leaders heading up every department, too. That’s why hiring the best people,  especially leaders, is so important. Consider candidates that aren’t just great on paper. Remember that unique experiences and backgrounds can inform a candidate’s way of thinking, and that can make all the difference when you’re trying to avoid the “monkey see, monkey do” way of approaching your business goals.

Seek insight from unusual sources.

Try looking at other industries outside of your own for inspiration. Learn as much as you can from people and organizations that aren’t in your immediate sphere. Seeking insight from sources that you might not consider right away is always a good idea. You’ll be surprised what you can learn when you look in the most unexpected places.

Focus on your company, not your competitors.

Sometimes, we simply pay far too much attention to what our competitors are doing and not enough on what’s happening right under our noses. Don’t get trapped into following your competitors too closely. This tends to take away valuable time and energy that should be invested in your business and your team.

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