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Benefits of Working a Second Shift Job

First-shifters take on the nine-to-five hours. Third shifters handle overnight work. But what about second-shift workers? Second shift usually runs from 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 midnight. And you’ll be surprised to learn that there are plenty of benefits to working this shift, both professionally and personally. Let’s take a closer look.

You’ll make more money.

Typically, second shift positions garner a higher pay rate because of the slightly awkward hours. If you’re not averse to working later hours in the day, it’s often well worth the schedule to make more money. And once you’ve secured that higher rate, you can use it to your advantage as you move on later in your career.

You’ll gain crucial experience.

In most cases, there are fewer people on the floor during the second shift than there are during first shift. That means you have more time to learn about processes and machines and get more familiar with the teams you work with and the company as a whole. That can really pay off down the road. And if you’re just getting started in the field, it can be a good way to acclimate yourself to your career, rather than jumping in headfirst during first shift.

There will be fewer distractions.

Another benefit of the lower amount of people during second shift is that there aren’t as many distractions throughout your workday. Sales teams, administrators, HR employees, and others probably won’t be around in the evening hours, which lets you focus on the tasks on your plate rather than getting distracted.

You’ll avoid rush hour — twice.

You’ll probably make it into work before the evening rush hour starts, and you’ll be going home long after rush hour has ended. There’s no need to worry about the bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way home or making it to work late because of heavy traffic. That convenience makes a big difference every day!

You’ll have more time in the day outside of work.

Many second shifters love the extra hours they have in the morning and early afternoon. That time can be spent with family, getting necessary appointments out of the way, running crucial errands… the possibilities are endless. And you get to sleep in on days you don’t have any obligations before work!

If you work a shift-based job, consider second shift. For many employees, it offers the best of both worlds and fits seamlessly into their careers and lifestyles. And if you’re looking for a new second-shift opportunity, contact Axiom Staffing Group to find out how we can help.